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Abortion Pill Reversal

A Second Chance at Life.

Can the Abortion Pill be Reversed?

Yes, but time is of the essence!

There is a safe and effective process called abortion pill reversal that can reverse the effect of the abortion pill and therefore allow you to continue your pregnancy.

The Abortion Pill

The abortion pill is the most common name for a chemical abortion. Additionally, it can be referred to as a medical, self-managed, or DIY abortion.  This is a combination of two different drugs (taken in two separate doses). To be clear, this is NOT the morning-after pill.

The first pill is mifepristone used to block the progesterone produced by your body stopping your pregnancy from progressing. The second is misoprostol, this pill causes your body to unnaturally open the uterus, resulting in cramping and heavy bleeding to empty the uterus.

After taking the first pill, some women regret their choice and want to reverse it. That’s where abortion pill reversal comes in.

Simply using the natural hormone progesterone, medical professionals have saved 64-68% of pregnancies through this process.  That being said, the ideal time period to start the reversal process is within 72 hours of taking the first pill. 

How can I start the abortion pill reversal process?

If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill and changed your mind, you are not alone.

You can still save your pregnancy!

Refer to the information below to see how we can help.

The Pregnancy Help Center is a consulting center of the Abortion Pill Reversal Network.

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Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline 

Visit their website to see common questions or enable the chat feature.

Disclaimer: Abortion Pill Reversal has increased the chances of allowing the pregnancy to continue.  However, the outcome of your particular reversal attempt cannot be guaranteed.


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