In August of 1990 a small group of people were brought together with a common interest. Their desire was to find a way to reach out to, and assist young women with unplanned pregnancies.

With the support and assistance of First Baptist Church of Lake Jackson, The Pregnancy Help Center of Brazosport was formed and began operating from a small rented space located at 202 Dixie Drive in Lake Jackson.

During the first few years the number of young women who came for help steadily increased and the number of people and churches who desired to help them also increased. Eventually it became necessary to add two paid staff members to assist the director. During the first eight years help was provided through one on one counseling with an interested individual with a compassionate heart. Practical assistance was provided in terms of diapers, formula, and baby food.

A series of classes was developed and in 1998 the HOPE program began. These HOPE classes (Help Offered in a Pregnancy Experience) were designed to help young women develop the skills of parenting, new born care, and childbirth.

A craft class added some “hands on” fun and a bible study addressed the spiritual needs that many faced. A round of the classes lasted eight weeks, and each young expectant mother who completed the classes was rewarded with a baby bathtub filled with “baby essentials”.

As the number of young women seeking help continued to increase, it became evident that the rented space at Dixie Drive would no longer be adequate. The board of directors began searching for a different building. After several buildings were considered, none being found satisfactory, the decision was made to design and build our own facility.

In March 1999, The Pregnancy Help Center moved into its new 5,200 square foot building located at 327 Garland Drive in Lake Jackson. With a construction cost of approximately $225,000, there were enough donations from supporting churches and individuals that the “move-in” debt was only $88,000. That debt was entirely paid off in 2003.

God’s hand of blessing was again evident when, in 2004, a local couple responded to God’s prompting to donate an ultrasound machine to the PHC.

The addition of this electronic marvel, has enabled many young women to view the image of their unborn child developing within them. The ability to show these women the image of their baby, has caused many, who were considering abortion, to choose life for that child.

When Hurricane Katrina struck southern Louisiana in 2005, many of the displaced people found themselves in our local cities for several weeks. The PHC had never dreamed that God would use the organization to minister to the needs of such people. In those first traumatic days, before organized relief efforts were in place, one after another displaced hurricane survivors found their way to the PHC. Without money or FEMA vouchers, these people were able to receive the items they needed to provide for their babies.

In 2007 the PHC purchased an 8 bedroom, 5 bath home on 9 acres to house homeless pregnant women. Safe Haven took their first resident in February of 2008.

From 2008-2016, 47 women called Safe Haven home. After living in Safe Haven until their baby was born, 11 parented, 17 placed for adoption and 2 babies did not survive. The others left the home before they delivered. In 2016 after a flood that put 8 inches of water in Safe Haven the decision was made to close Safe Haven and concentrate on where we believed God had begun a new work.

The Pregnancy Help Center is now concentrating on helping other centers grow or begin. We are walking beside Women’s Pregnancy Center in Bay City, Pregnancy Help Center at the Crossroads in Port Lavaca and will start a new center in Galveston in 2017.

In 2015 the PHC celebrated 25 years of being a place that has grown to provide loving compassion, encouragement, practical help, and education. The current HOPE program now encompasses: Finances and Career Skills, Nutrition, Childbirth, Parenting Skills, Dental Hygiene, Breastfeeding, Infant CPR, Newborn Care, Post Partum Depression, Shaken Baby, Getting Plugged into a Church, Job Interviewing and three Bible studies.

In addition to H.O.P.E. there are continuing classes in parenting, introduction to sign language for your baby, reading to your baby, car seat safety, and leaving a good legacy.

The PHC also offers a closet of baby and maternity clothes for those who need assistance. (See Classes)

In the past 30 years, The Pregnancy Help Center has enjoyed the incredible privilege of helping over 46,500 people. That’s 46,500 opportunities to make a difference in lives that are broken and confused. Today there are approximately 68 churches from many different denominations which provide monetary support. There are now 5 paid staff members and 100+ volunteers. The growth of this ministry in the past 30 years has been incredible.

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I am doing my best to reconcile with my dad and show my kids what a parent/child relationship really looks like…Thank you for helping me do that.

— PHC Client

I knew these classes would help me be a better parent but I didn’t realize everything you all did. Praying with me and for my husband, who can’t be with us right now, means so much! You are helping him even though he can’t be here.

— PHC Client

When one of my best friends had two abortions, I got a front row seat to the devastation abortion has in a woman’s life.

— PHC Volunteer

We learn so much from these wonderful people that we love and feel we are part of a family again.

— Ashley Garcia (Client)

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We also offer adoption information, post-abortion counseling, pregnancy loss counseling, and more.

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