H.O.P.E . Classes

 Help Offered in a Pregnancy Experience

What is it?

H.O.P.E. is a free, 12 week program consisting of three phases. Each phase is 4 weeks long. There is a 2 week break between each phase. Classes are offered on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. No childcare is provided. Children are not allowed at the center during classes. 

Who can attend?

Any woman or man who is expecting a baby and wants to learn about being a good, godly parent. Open to single moms, with or without the dads, single dads and married couples.

Class Requirements & Registration

Classes are to be taken as offered. There are no make-up classes. Participants are expected to be on time for each class and schedule other appointments around their class time.   Participants will receive baby items earned after completion of each phase.  Confidentiality is important for you and your classmates. Please assist us by maintaining the confidence of your peers.  Graduation will be held when phases are completed. To register for H.O.P.E., print out the enrollment form and return it to the PHC in person so you can be interviewed at that time. Registration is not complete until the application is turned in and an interview has been completed. 

2019 Schedule

September 24 – October 8
October 29- November 19

2020 Schedule

January 7- January 28
February 18 – March 10
March 31 – April 21

May 12 – June 2
June 23 – July 14
August 4 – August 25



Debt elimination, budgeting and saving
Career Services
Interviewing, networking and how to build an effective resume
Taking the best care of you and baby during pregnancy
Skilled nurses explain the birthing process
Teaching our children by example
WIC explains the benefits and procedures of breastfeeding
This is for anyone that is curious about marriage or thinking about marriage. Maybe you’re living together and haven’t even really thought about marriage. Marriage is an important decision that two people make. Learn the benefits of this thing called “Marriage”.
Infant CPR
You will be taught this life saving skill
Dental Hygiene
Having a healthy mouth for you and baby
Newborn Care
Information you need to care for your newborn
3 Bible Studies
Helping you to become the parents God designed you to be
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Learning what this is and how to avoid it
Postpartum Depression
What to watch for and how to get the help you need if necessary
8 Cues for First Impression
True to Life Ministries gives advice for improving your job situation

L.I.F.E. Classes

Learning and Improving Family Enrichment

What is it?

These are stand-alone classes to help improve individual and family enrichment.

Who can attend?

All classes are open to the community. 

When are classes held?

The following classes are offered periodically.

What’s This Thing Called Parenting?
You will learn skills and techniques to help you connect with your child. You will also discover your parenting style, the effects of birth order, positive discipline and other childhood responsibilities.
Introduction to Baby Signs
Teaches baby to communicate with signs until they can use the proper word to communicate.
Read to Me
Reading together is a fun way for you as a parent and your children to develop your powers of communications, as well as give them a head start when they enter school. Free books are given to participants upon completing the class.
The Legacy Project
Dads and Moms, this class will help you leave something in your child’s life, not something for it.
Bible Study Basics
If interested, call the PHC to set up a time to study God’s Word together.
Volunteer Trainings
Interested in becoming a volunteer at the PHC? Call the PHC and set up a time to tour the facility and talk to the Executive Director about training opportunities. We will be holding a training class sometime in the near future. Please call Jackie at 979-297-3622 to register.
Car Seat Safety Class

Learn how to safely install your car seat and secure your child. A free car seat is included. 

Seasons of Grace (Post-Abortion Syndrome)
If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms listed on our Post-Abortion Syndrome link under “Information”, there is help. Our goal is to help you find restoration and peace in your life relationships. We offer “Seasons of Grace”, a time where you can talk to someone that has been where you are and to begin receiving that peace. We work around your schedule.

Call Pregnancy Help Center and talk with a staff member for more information.

You must register for all L.I.F.E classes. Please call with any questions.