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Parenting Classes

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H.O.P.E . Classes

Help Offered in a Pregnancy Experience
What is it?

H.O.P.E. is a free, 12-week program consisting of three phases. Each phase is 4 weeks long. There is a 2-week break between each phase. Classes are offered on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. No childcare is provided. Children are not allowed at the center during classes.

Who can attend?

Any woman or man who is expecting a baby and wants to learn about being a good, godly parent. Open to single moms, with or without dads, single dads, and married couples.

Class requirements & registration

Classes are to be taken as offered. There are no make-up classes. Participants are expected to be on time for each class and schedule other appointments around their class time.   Participants will receive baby items earned after the completion of each phase.  Confidentiality is important for you and your classmates. Please assist us by maintaining the confidentiality of your peers.  Graduation will be held when phases are completed. 

Classes Offered

Based on the publications of Dave Ramsey, this class will coach you on debt elimination, budgeting, and saving for the future.

This class is designed to equip you and other caregivers with the basic lifesaving skills that could save your child or infant’s life.

Learn about the best eating habits for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Skilled nurses prepare you and dad for what takes place during the birthing process.

Teaching new and expectant parents to understand good parenting values, loving discipline, and the difference in individual parenting styles. Sharing examples of successful parenting vs. parenting failures.

WIC explains the benefits of breastfeeding along with tips and encouragement.

Baby sign language enables your baby to communicate with you using gestures instead of crying.  Guesswork and stress are removed from you both as your baby’s vocabulary grows.

Learn care and safety skills to prepare you for the transition home from the hospital including cord care, skin color, and eating and sleeping patterns.

3 bible studies encouraging you to become the parents God designed you to be.

You will learn what SBS is and what it is not. You will be shown the short and long-term effects and how to avoid this happening to your child.

This class will prepare the expectant mom and your loved ones about the signs and symptoms of PPD. You will also be informed about how to get the help you need if necessary.

Understanding the basics and importance of dental hygiene during pregnancy and for the baby.

Reading together is a fun way for you as a parent and your children to develop your powers of communication and give them a head start when they enter school.

True to Life Ministries advises on improving your career and job interviewing.

Parenting is hard work. Add a terrible two’s temper tantrum in there and you might just feel like giving up. Or how about that 5-year-old that is “strong-willed” and you don’t know what to do with? Parents and parents-to-be will learn principles of effective discipline and child training centered on Christ.

H.O.P.E. Class Dates - 2023

Jan 3 – Jan 24
Feb 14 – Mar 7
Mar 28 – Apr 18
May 9 – May 30
June 20 – July 18
Aug1 – Aug 22
Sept 12 – Oct 3
Oct 24 – Nov 14

Register for H.O.P.E.

To register for H.O.P.E., print out the enrollment form and return it to the PHC in person so you can be interviewed at that time. Registration is not complete until the application is turned in and an interview has been completed.

To inquire about classes please call 979-297-3622.

L.I.F.E. Classes

Learning & Improving Family Enrichment
What is it?

These are stand-alone classes to help improve individual and family enrichment.

Who can attend?

All classes are open to the community.  No childcare is provided. Children are not allowed at the center during classes.

When are classes held?

The following classes are offered periodically. Please see the information below for upcoming dates.  

Classes Offered

Car Seat Safety

Do you want to make sure your child is safe in the car? Participants will leave this one-hour class confident that their child is as safe as possible while traveling.  A complimentary brand-new car seat will be provided to each family upon completion. Car seats are convertible seats recommended for 5-40 lbs.

Attendees must be in the third trimester of pregnancy to attend. Only one car seat may be given per family.

January 6
February 3
March 3
April 14
May 5
June 2
July 7
August 4
September 1
October 6
November 3
December 1

What's This Thing Called Parenting

Does your parent/child relationship need some help? This is a CPS-approved course teaching the skills and techniques to help you connect better with your child(ren). You will discover your parenting style, your love language, and the effects of birth order. This intimate setting will allow you to have real conversations about positive discipline and other childhood responsibilities to make real changes in your parenting abilities.

To inquire about classes please call 979-297-3622.


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